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Inland Empire
In which David Lynch leads us through the wormhole to who-knows-where. This warped and wild work kicks off with a tale of a cursed film script, then proceeds to take in Polish gangsters, LA hookers and a perplexing ‘rabbit sitcom’ complete with canned laughter. Inland Empire is very long, very dark and constantly confounding. But it is unlike anything else you will see this year.

Hot Fuzz
Nick Pegg is the go-getting London copper who finds himself dropped into the heart of sleepy Gloucestershire, Nick Frost is his gallumphing, day-dreaming sidekick … and Hot Fuzz is pretty much where it’s at; a wry, funny, genre-spinning Britcom and just another recent highlight of a national cinema turned suddenly interesting again.

Notes on a Scandal
This stealthy adaptation of the Zoe Heller novel makes for a psychological thriller that Hitchcock or Chabrol would be proud of. Cate Blanchett is the hippy-dippy London teacher who is fatally undone by an all-seeing obsessional colleague (Judi Dench). Blanchett is fine but it’s Dench who steals the show.

Letters from Iwo Jima
Clint Eastwood’s companion piece for Flags of Our Fathers views the conflict from the Japanese side. This is a sombre, quietly harrowing portrait of the loss and waste of war; a memorial in monochrome.

The Science Of Sleep
Michel Gondry’s spy autobiographical feature casts Gael Garcia Bernal as the hyperactive fantasist who has trouble separating his dreams from his humdrum reality. It’s a fresh, quirky and wildly inventive fable that nonetheless comes tinged with sadness.[source: The Guardian]


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