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There are some meaty DVD releases this Tuesday. What are we looking at? Oscar nominees, children’s classics and one totally ’80s comedy that will have you fondly reminiscing.

1. Borat
I haven’t seen this (crazy, I know) but here is my chance. This version doesn’t look like anything too special, and you can just tell they are lining us up for a special edition at some point. It has a Hebrew language button, which you have to admire. Borat is beloved and is a safe bet for a screening with some buddies. Niiiiice!

2. Peter Pan Platinum Edition
This is a kid’s special, an afternoon off for mom and dad. This edition is packed with games, an alternate opening, and a DVD story book. Oooh, and they even say there is “more” on the disc that they haven’t even mentioned. That’s undefined and thus has the chance to be amazing.

3. Revenge of the Nerds Panty Raid Edition
I don’t know what to make of this because it’s not really a lavish version that would necessitate going to the well on a film that’s now 23 years old. Six deleted scenes? A commentary? I don’t know, perhaps it’s just a chance for everyone to update their DVD catalogue. I remember laughing at this, but back then I laughed at just about anything, including juice coming out of nostrils.

4. Fast Food Nation
Here we have a deeply flawed movie about the deeply flawed beef industry. Personally I wish this would have been made as a documentary to the book instead of a drama, but no one bothered to ask me. One note if you do watch: Ashley Johnson is the next big thing. I promise.

5. South Park The Complete Ninth Season
How has this been on nine years? That seems impossible for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which should be the boys’ propensity to offend. I haven’t watched the show in years, but I don’t remember an episode that didn’t have at least a few laughs.

6. The Full Monty The Fully Exposed Edition
Two commentaries and ten deleted scenes — it’s enough to make you wonder why they didn’t release this edition ten years ago when the film came out. But for all you guys who prudently waited, well done. I doff my cap to you. Your patience has paid off.

7. Let’s Go to Prison
Six percent on RottenTomatoes and $4.6m at the box office means we’ve got our Tuesday “beer-a-clock” special! This should only be screened with mean-spirited friends. If you want to read a vicious review of the DVD, check out my bud Brad.

See you next Tuesday!

Laremy Legel — Mail Laremy


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