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With the Spider-Man 3 release date suddenly quickly drawing upon us, the marketing department is kicking it into high gear. I fear we may all be sick of Spider-Man 3 before it even hits theaters… but you know we’ll all be there anyway.

As a part of that monstrous marketing machine getting itself revved up, this Monday Sony is going to be making up to 7 minutes of footage available to us! One new clip during Monday’s Heroes episode (Best new show this year… and best show since Battlestar Galactica), and then after that on the web. The good folks over at JoBlo give us this:

Not only will a brand-spanking new one-minute clip of SPIDER-MAN 3 premiere during the show’s broadcast but (after) the show, another brand-spanking new clip will premiere on, only this one will be six minutes long. That’s right, one evening and we get seven minutes of that loveable webhead battling the power lust and increased libido (look out, MJ and Gwen Stacy cause daddy’s feeling frisky!) brought on by an alien symbiote. SPIDER-MAN 3 opens May 4th.

Oh hot damn. As if I wasn’t going to be glued to a TV Monday for Heroes anyway. So remember folks… after listening to The Movie Blog: Uncut Monday night… make sure to watch Heroes for your Spidey fix. [source]


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