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The new, full-length, Indie Movie of the Week for the week of February 28 is Scumrock, a comedy that follows the lives of Miles, a would-be filmmaker, and his friend Roxxy, a rock performer striving for a comeback.

Watch Scumrock

Scumrock (2004)
Starring: Kyp Malone, Amy Davis, James Duval, Courtney Stephens, Lance Hahn
Production Company: At An Angle
Director: John Moritsugu
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 79 minutes

A pretentious underground filmmaker struggles with his masterpeice while a scuzzy punkoid chick tries to keep her band from fading into obscurity.

About the Director (from
Jon Moritsugu was born in Honolulu, HI and attended Brown University, where he made the short DER ELVIS, which was chosen by the Village Voice as “one of the top 50 films of the 80’s.” He has since completed six features and four more shorts which have screened worldwide to critical and popular acclaim. His most recent movie, SCUMROCK, has won two awards on the festival circuit and is currently being released theatrically in the US and Europe. Moritsugu lives in Seattle, WA and is penning his newest script.

Recent Weekly Movies:
(available commercial free on SuperPass Movies)

Gaza Strip (2002)
Studio: Little Red Button
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 74 minutes

Lurking In Suburbia (2006)
Studio: Heretic Films
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Duration: 87 minutes

Marco Polo: Return to Xanadu (2001)
Studio: Premiere Pictures International
Genre: Animation/Family
Duration: 80 minutes

Memories of Tomorrow (2005)
Studio: Memorable Productions
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 86 minutes

24 Hours On Craigslist (2005)
Studio: Heretic Films
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 79 minutes

Visit SuperPass Movies for the complete archive of the Weekly Movies.

About Movie of the Week: will showcase established and up-and-coming filmmakers and their films throughout 2007. The initial catalog of movies is provided to through its relationship with GreenCine (, a San Francisco-based company with an extensive library of independent, international and documentary films. GreenCine offers more than 50,000 titles in over 250 genres for sale or rent, with 10,000 of these films available on demand for streaming or download.


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