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Someone do something about this Norah Jones situation. The piano princess is enjoying another week at Number One on the charts. Admittedly, this week was not a good one for record sales (Fall Out Boy sold 79,052 copies of Infinity On High, a 33 percent drop since last week, and still managed to earn the Number Three spot). Jones only had to sell 99,825 copies of her album Not Too Late in order to score the top spot, but still. Everyone: Buy Arcade Fire’s album next Tuesday.

* Britney Spears is reportedly in treatment for Post-Partum depression, or bipolar disorder. We were wondering what the official culprit behind her zany behavior was. Now we almost know.
* Kelly Osbourne freaked everybody out when she announced — at an AIDS charity benefit — that one of her family members has H.I.V. Now her cousin Terry Longden, has reportedly outed himself as the one suffering from the disease.
* Oops. All those in attendance at a Valentine’s Day bash celebrating Beyonce’s cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (like Leo DiCaprio) should see a doctor, pronto. The event was catered by Wolfgang Puck, one of whose employees was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Eew.
* Ryan Adams has announced a release date for his new album, Easy Tiger. We’ll be halfway into 2007 by the time this album comes out on June 1st. Could everyone’s favorite tormented troubadour be slowing down? Maybe he’s just taken the time to make Easy Tiger really awesome. Though the final sequence of tracks if not yet finalized, these songs will appear on the album: “Goodnight Rose”, “Everybody Knows”, “The Sun Also Sets”, “Halloween Head”, “Off Broadway”, “Two Hearts”, “Tears Of Gold”, “These Girls”, “Two”, “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”, “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”, “Rip Off”, and “Pearls On A String”.
* According to TMZ Paris Hilton may spend 90 days in jail. The heiress was allegedly arrested last night for violating the terms of her probation (she was arrested on September 7th for DUI in Hollywood) after cops stopped her speeding down Sunset sans headlights.

— Elizabeth Goodman



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