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Dismissed from NASA’s space program, former astronaut-in-training Charles Farmer pursues his lifelong dream by building his own rocket. On the eve of his launch, he must battle foreclosure on his ranch, a small-town community of disbelievers, the FAA and FBI agents who want to shut him down in the name of Homeland Security–but he remains determined to reach his goal and instill in his children the courage to pursue their own dreams, no matter the odds.

Cast and Crew
Starring : Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Blake Nelson
Director : Michael Polish
Producers : Len Amato, Mark Polish, Michael Polish
Screenwriters : Michael Polish, Michael Polish

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Watch Astronaut Farmer Trailer
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Astronaut Farmer
Astronaut Farmer
The Astronaut Farmer – You’re My Crew
The Astronaut Farmer – Without The Rocket, We’re Just A Dysfunctional Family
The Astronaut Farmer – It’s Always Been My Dream
The Astronaut Farmer – She Tells Everyone About Her Daddy
The Astronaut Farmer – I’m Here For Throwing A Brick
Astronaut Farmer – If We Don’t Have Our Dreams, We Have Nothing


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