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We’re counting down to the Oscars by introducing you to some of the best and sometimes overlooked performances of this year’s Oscar contenders. Today’s Episode: The Dreamgirl Dreams Big.

Sometimes, just sometimes, in those rare moments in life – the gamble pays off. The dream comes true. You become America’s new darling. Every person reading this, hell every person writing this, has daydreamed while looking in a mirror or driving in their car or whenever … of giving the Oscar speech. And it’s not after having worked your ass off for decades and finally proving that you’ve earned it. Everyone dreams of getting the Oscar nomination the first time out. Yeah. That NEVER happens.

Unless your name is Jennifer Hudson. Hell, she didn’t even win on American Idol, the only other thing she’s ever been involved with professionally. But here she is, after one film role, playing with the big leagues and a favorite for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

And frankly, I’m doing cartwheels over it. She is our new sweetheart. She was incredible in Dreamgirls and deserved the nomination. Don’t ask me about her American Idol stint. I don’t watch it. I’ve got nothing against it really – just that I’m out most evenings at movies. So this is all I know her from. And I love her. I want more.

Why she probably shouldn’t get the gold: Well, it’s her first time acting, and you usually don’t get one the first time out. But Best Supporting Actress is anyone’s game. It’s a whole bunch of unknowns this year, along with one person who’s won recently. Truth be told, I’m pulling for the sweetheart.
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Austin-based Cargill, who not only loves but owns The Cutting Edge, writes on movies and DVD two times a week.

This is part of’s coverage of the 2007 Academy Awards. For more Oscars articles, analysis, news, and red carpet photo galleries, visit our Oscars page.


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