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My version: How good is this intro:

CANTON, Mass. – For the second time in a year, Bobby Brown has been arrested while in town to watch his daughter at a cheerleading competition.

Lesson: Don’t go to cheerleading competitions. Also:

Brown was cooperative outside the high school, and borrowed Loomis’ cell phone to arrange to get out of jail, the constable said.

1) He was cooperative because this happens all the time.
2) The conversation went something like this:

“Hey, it’s Bobby. Not much. Oh, yeah, one quick thing, I’m in jail again. Yup, child support. Ha! Well where’s the fun in paying man? Anyway, can you rustle up some cash and come on down? No, no hurry, I’m catching up with some of my my buddies. Cool. See ya then.”

I really wish the Bobby/Whit show would come back on. That was the best show ever, just ahead of Growing Pains.

“Show me that smile again (show me that smile) /
Don’t waste another minute on your crying!”


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