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We pay 15% commission from every Keyword Discovery or Competitive Intelligence subscription, including all subsequent renewals.

Join Now!

Simply add a link to your existing web site, or create your own promotional pages.

You can earn substantial income from promoting or reselling Trellian products and services.

From a Keyword Research subscription:

* Standard $69.95 monthly, earn $10.49 every month ($125.88 per year).
* Enterprise from $495.00 monthly, earn $74.25 per month ($891.00 per year)

From a Competitive Intelligence subscription:

* Per domain $150 once off setup plus $99.95 per month, earn $22.50 plus $14.95 per month there after ($186.95 per year per domain).


* The order size average is currently at 4 domains per client, which earns you $579 per year per average client.
* Even greater benefits if you become a Competitive Intelligence Agent using CI data for your clients.

As an added bonus, even if you only chose to promote Keyword Discovery, as this is linked with the Trellian partner program, if the same customer orders any other service from participating Trellian sites, such as: and, you will also earn 15% from these referrals.

Join the Keyword Discovery and Trellian partner program here.

For existing partners please see our range of:

* Keyword Research links, banners and buttons
* Competitive Intelligence links, banners and buttons

that you can use in your promotional efforts.


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