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Company: Bullet Marketing Group, Inc.

You have found the company that will personally train and develop the future CEO’s and marketing executives of the world!!!


Bullet Marketing Group, Inc. is Austin’s newest advertising firm serving clients in the sports and entertainment industries.

Our portfolio includes professional sports teams, golf courses, movie theaters, national restaurant chains, and much more! For ten years we have led the world in innovative forms of marketing and advertising. The enormous growth of our client base is a direct reflection of the cutting edge approach we take towards advertising and marketing. Platinum Marketimg Concepts, Inc. is searching for enthusiastic, talented, and dedicated professionals to fill our ranks.


With only one location in the Austin area we don’t come close to handling our ever expanding portfolio of service clients.

Current openings include:

* Sales/Customer Service

* Advertising/Marketing

* Campaign Management

* Account Management


We are looking for well rounded individuals with an emphasis on extreme confidence/ strong interpersonal skills/ and a win-win mentality. Background in business administration, management, marketing, advertising, hospitality, sales, and public relations will stand out. Ideal candidates will be ready to start immediately for accelerated cross training in management capacities. Candidates must be open minded with no fear to lead the ship and ready to do what it takes to succeed.

Development and Training each new member of our team participates in eight weeks of management training classes done in on-site classrooms during the course of the normal workday. Course content revolves around development of personal skills, leadership attributes, business ethics, goal setting, training and motivating, problem solving and team management. All experience levels will be considered. Ideal candidate must be able to work in a team oriented job environment sharing ideas and creativity; you become an integral part of a winning team strong student mentality.


Our trainees get hands on experience dealing with our clients and participating in exciting promotions.

Our staff provides continuous training and mentors.

Weekly bonuses!

Rapid Advancement!

Travel opportunities!

Competitive compensation based on merit, NOT seniority.

Excellent Career Opportunity for those who need a change, those just starting out, interns, and recent college graduates.

Find your job here


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