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by Rob Laidaw

One of the first questions I always receive when people find out about my blog is “Why are you blogging?” and “Who is ever going to read it?” … well, being that I’m in media, those are the first two obvious questions for any sort of media venture. Who is your audience, and what is your purpose. Well, my goal with blogging is not to get rich (I have plenty of other ventures focused on that!) but rather to control the media surrounding my own name.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing was when people would research “Rob Laidlaw” and the first search results was “Singer and Songwriter: Rob Laidlaw” … thats certainly not me! If you think of it in terms of someone wanting to find out more about you for a business proposition, or something like that, there is considerable value to be gained by controlling your own name (especially entrepreneurs!).

So if you do not yet own then I would suggest you register it, and put up a one page biography. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will take control of your identity.


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