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With all this Britney Spears madness (the whys, the hows and Lord knows what), Christina Aguilera’s appearance at Jay Z’s fancy dinner at TAO is like a breath of fresh air… ahem, I mean boobs.

Aside from her always impeccable look and the never-missing bright red lipstick, XTina is the perfect example of class.

Sure, she also gets occasionally drunk and maybe her lipstick and Marilyn Monroe imitation has begun to irritate some a bit, but at least she’s got the boobs to make up for it. Right? Right! The singer attended Jay Z’s party in this stunning white outfit, smiled for the cameras, posed with the other A-listers present and was her nice self.

One thing, though: if you look closely at the second photo, you might notice that she was having some problems with her breasts. Or, to be more precise, that her breasts had some problems with her person: they seemed to be on the verge of popping out of her dress and to have serious issues of fitting in the frame of the photo.

Speaking of popping boobs, anyone else wonder why she never pulled a Britney (flashing her panties/crotch) or a Bai Ling (flashing her nipples)? Now, that’s a question we should all ask ourselves! Maybe the answer is exactly that which you can see in the second pic – if you squeeze them hard enough in a corset or a push-up bra, chances of them coming out are reduced.

I don’t know, I’m just trying to find an explanation for something that virtually makes Christina the only one who hasn’t flashed anything yet (out of her ‘generation’ of stars). This actually singles her out as a role model. Sure, maybe you don’t like the lipstick or her over inflated boobs, but at least she knows how to act in public. Kudos for that!


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