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Do you need information about online educational program. Here I post directory of those links.

Online Education Program Links:

  • Brian’s Education Blog new
    A libertarian-inclined education blog run by Brian Micklethwait. E-mails and comments welcome from teachers and learners of all ages.
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  • Education Blogs and News new Recommended!
    News, blog postings and all things education related. Keep up with trends in education, online education, continuing education, jobs for teachers via our constantly updated education news feed.
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  • Network | School Blog Network new Network was created by an elementary teacher who saw the power of the blog when using this tool in class during literature circle discussions. Instead of students who did not do their reading assignments and came unprepared for circle, we found that the students were prepared for their literature circle. Also, the reluctant reader found blogging a motivating factor to read. The student who may be too timid to �speak up� during regular group times, found blogging as an outlet to share their opinions or thoughts. At, we wish to share a user-friendly blog format that is also safe for school-age children. There are many free blogging tools on the Internet but many will easily link to inappropriate sites not suitable for children. We strive to make our blogs both teacher and student friendly.
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