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On the list today we’ve got two movies I heartily recommend, one critical darling, and four misses, some near and some far. Let’s count them down from “must have” to “no thanks.”

1. The Prestige
This is an entertaining film for anyone. It’s got twists and turns, magic and Scarlett Johansson. Christian Bale also lays claim to the title of best actor for the current decade, though he’s got years left to go yet. Make Batman already! Sadly this DVD isn’t too special, with only a limited Christopher Nolan (director) featurette. Hmmm. So when’s that special edition coming out, guys? After the Oscar?

2. Flushed Away
I advocate this kid’s movie (mia reviewa). If you can get past the initial potty joke, you’ll really like the action and comedy no matter how old you are (unless you’re 56, that’s an awkward age). This disc is a little more lavish than our first contender: it’s got a full commentary, music videos (by slugs no less!) and some interactive features for the smaller people in your life. I like this one. Give it an own.

3. For Your Consideration
This is a flawed Christopher Guest film, which is like catching a South Florida snowstorm. I love Chris Guest, but this film is far too cutesy and affected to be skeweringly comedic like Best in Show or Waiting for Guffman. The DVD also seems highly lacking on the features. Mr. Guest, come back to the light!

4. Babel
Critics fell all over themselves trying to love on this film, but I truly despised it for the emotional manipulation. I would link to my review but it’s so savage I feel a little guilty. Here is another disc where they’re looking to double dip. Buy now, buy an Oscar edition later. This has a great chance at the Best Picture Oscar, so I’d say you at least owe it a rental.

5. Crossover
A very bad movie that should only be consumed if you’re looking for an unintentional laugh. It made $7 million at the box office. Astoundingly it has a ZERO percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, 0 for 59! That’s an extremely impressive number.

6. Shut Up and Sing
This is the Dixie Chicks film, and here is the official word:

The film traces the lives and careers of the Dixie Chicks over a period of three years during which they were under political attack and received death threats, while continuing to live their lives, have children, and of course make music.

I haven’t seen it and I really haven’t loved their music since the album “Wide Open Spaces,” which was eight years ago at this point. Nothing personal, and go First Amendment, but not really my bag.

7. Man of the Year
Everyone I know who saw it said, “Not as bad as you’d think!” That doesn’t make it good, it just means it won’t make you go blind or anything. I don’t know what my specific problem is with Robin Williams, but I know that I have one. Robin, email me and let’s work this thing out.

Look for me in the cheap seats. (source:


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  1. There’s a great independent documentary on this Dixie Chicks incident titled, “Protesting the Dixie Chicks” which is based on interviews and events outside the Dixie Chicks 2003 tour. It certainly reaches a deeper ideological plane than “Shut Up and Sing” which was more of a Hallmark/Lifetime movie for me. This independent film’s direction is more in the mind of Errol Morris or Spike Lee — it definitely shows the dark side of partriotism.
    There’s clips of it on youtube and these links

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