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We’re looking for inspired producers to create an episode of their Internet TV show or post a videoblog or make a clip that shows people “How to Watch Internet TV.”

We want to drive awareness of your work, as well as the medium as a whole. If you can mention Network2 in your submission, that’d be even better, as we believe is a great site to answer the question, “What do you want to watch on the Internet today?”

Record your episode or clip, send us a pointer to where we can find it, and if you would, post a link to Network2 in the show notes. Submit to us before 11:59PM on March 9, 2007, and you’ll be entered into the contest. Finalists will be announced March 16th, and the prize will be awarded on March 20th at Spring 2007 Video on the Net in San Jose, California.

You do NOT have to be on Network2 to enter. But if you are producing an Internet TV show and would like to be reviewed and mentioned on Network2, please add your show here. GRAND PRIZE: $25,000.00 US SECOND PRIZE: $10,000.00 US THIRD PRIZE: $5,000.00 US For more information, check out the “Contest Rules” page from the navigation at the top of this page.


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