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The University of Nottingham is an international university, committed to maintaining its culturally rich student population, with students from over 140 different countries.

The University is therefore currently offering a large and comprehensive scholarship package to its applicants, wherever possible offering scholarships to those students who need or deserve them. All sorts of factors can make study in an overseas institution appear to be expensive, such as currency fluctuations, cost of living and the costs of postgraduate research in the most highly ranked universities. The University of Nottingham considers all these factors when it makes its scholarship provision and now offers a wide range of full and partial scholarships to a broad spread of students across nationality, level of study and subject of study.

For students who have already successfully completed one degree at Nottingham or who have a family member who has studied there, the University can also offer a partial scholarship and these scholarships are non-competitive.

All published scholarships can be found via this link on the University website Applications can be made on-line on the scholarship application form, although please note that this is limited to those students who currently hold an offer of a place at the University of Nottingham.


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