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“Ghosts are everywhere. They are here with us, when we are talking, sitting or sleeping. Whether you believe it or not, they are.”

A young pregnant village girl, Nuan-chan (Siraphun Wattanajinda) got this knowledge from the stern caretaker, Somji (Tassawan Seneewongse) who takes care of the people and happenings in the house where she rents a room. Upon arriving in Bangkok to search for her husband who went missing for almost a year, Nuan-Chan rents a room in a boarding house from a widow, Madame Run-Juan (Suporntip Chuangrangsee). Madame, who is seen to have a lover in the room, does not show herself, but has Somji to care for her.

The house is deserted in a way, having only four other tenants besides them. There is Choy (Sombatsara Teerasaroch), a girl who later becomes close friends with Nuan-chan, an old lady, Grandma Erb, a little girl and a young man who is always seen digging with his spade at night. Somji gives warning to Nuan-han not to wander around the place, especially the main house where Madame stays. However, she still strays around the area. Soon, she finds out the connection between herself and Madame, and also, the mystery of the ”unseeables”.

Wattanajinda, acts convincingly bringing the audience into the situation she is in. Teerasaroch, who plays her friend, Choy, lightens the feeling in the movie with her loud and carefree self. It is fun to see her babbling away, and always having something to munch. Seneewongse has the character of the stern Somji portrayed well, fitting into the eerie atmosphere of the house well.

With the old house, antique-looking furniture, garden with beautiful flowers growing, altar in the middle of the garden and not forgetting the little shed in the garden, these are added to create an artistic atmosphere, making the movie easily mistaken for a bring art film.

The plot itself is about the sad encounter of both the females, Nuan-chan and Run-Juan. The former has a missing husband and the latter, a dead one. One is still waiting and hoping for her love to return, while the other has completely lost trust in love. The movie is not scary while some scenes are predictable. However, the plot ends with a huge twist, which saves it from complete failure.

In short, the cast did well. But the plot did not and that is perhaps why I was spending half the time trying to keep awake. (source:


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