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The thought of PR companies trying to master the world of blogging is one that makes me a bit nervous. And, as this is the second time in recent weeks that we have mentioned Edelman’s blog-related activities, they clearly are having a serious run at it.

Rebecca MacKinnon, newly-arrived in Hong Kong (welcome!), points to this study of global blog readership published by the company. She was not surprised by the extent to which decision-makers (I’d have to read the study properly to find out what they mean by that) rank blogs as important in Japan, Korea and China compared to the US and Europe. I have to confess that I was very surprised, particularly to see that as many as 91% in Japan said they were reading blogs.

This study is linked to Edelman’s tie-up with Technorati about which we wrote on 31st December. I have my suspicions that the audience being polled were mainly bloggers and thus the oddly high results. I don’t believe that a truly random selection of Japanese decision-makers would generate a number anything like as high as 91%. But, maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? (source:


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