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Don’t get too excited, you won’t get to hear it!
Elena Gorgan, Entertainment News Editor

These days, Christina Aguilera is all about sex, sex, sex! Not that we mind it, though… Anyway, after telling us all about how she likes to cook naked on Sundays and not wear any clothes at all that very special day and about how she likes to have sex with her hubby in strange places, including public restrooms, the Dirrty singer has yet one last revelation to make.

No, she’s not into all this stuff that today’s celebrities do – meaning, making her own sex tape – but she comes pretty close to having one of those X-rated videos. Maybe the reason for which she failed to do so until now can be found in that she is not desperate enough for that kind of free publicity. Or maybe she already has a bunch of them, which she keeps well locked under key because they are reserved exclusively for her and Jordan Bratman’s eyes.

Anyway, we’re way off topic here. Back to basics. In a recent interview, Christina confessed that she likes to transpose her sexuality in her music too and not only in the way she looks and the way she appears in different magazines. Not long ago, during one night of drinking with her gals in the recording studio, the diva recorded a sex song called ‘F**k You, Suck You’. But the good news stops here: she will not be releasing it! As in… never!

‘We recorded it one night over whiskey in the studio. It’s completely breathy. Linda [her record producer] wanted to put it out under someone else’s name. But I play it when I have my friends over when we’ve had one too many and start rolling around the floor with each other.’, the singer explained.

OK, maybe I have a somewhat more dirty imagination but when you hear a woman who recorded a track called ‘F**k You, Suck You’ saying that she and her girlfriends get together and roll ‘around the floor with each other’, doesn’t a thought cross your mind about how you kinda died and went into the world of your dirtiest fantasies? Maybe it’s just me… but there’s also lots of alcohol involved! Think again!


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