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Job ID 18-10
Company Name Navy
Job Category Education/Training; Government/Military
Location Greenville, NC; Salt Lake City, UT
Position Type Full-Time, Employee
Experience 0-1 Years Experience
Date Posted February 15, 2007

Worldwide. Position will require relocating.

The Navy has at its disposal an arsenal of aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, submarines and aircraft, but its most powerful asset is the human mind. Sailors in the World Languages field are an elite group who are valued for their intelligence, adaptability, foreign-language skills and good character. Much of their work is highly classified. Individuals in this field could learn Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Persian or Tagalog in order to serve as the Navy’s linguists. They specialize in the analysis of foreign naval developments, radiotelephone communications and preparation of statistical studies and technical reports.

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What Will You Do?
As a Sailor working in the World Languages field, you could serve as an interpreter for U.S. dignitaries or Navy officials negotiating critical relations with foreign powers. Or your intelligence and interpreting skills might be the key to deciphering the hostile intentions of a foreign terrorist organization. Sailors in this field must volunteer for both aircrew and submarine duty, because their skills are needed in a variety of air, surface and subsurface platforms. Their duties involve highly sensitive material, and they must pass an investigation for top-secret clearance. Some of your duties as a member of the World Languages field could include:

  • Operating state-of-the-art electronic radio receivers, magnetic recording devices, computers and communications signals equipment
  • Working with classified material
  • Translating, transcribing and interpreting foreign language communications data
  • Analyzing and reporting highly technical information of strategic and tactical importance to fleet commanders and national intelligence agencies
  • Performing temporary duty aboard a variety of naval surface and subsurface vessels and aircraft

Educational Opportunities
The World Languages community provides opportunities for advanced training in foreign languages. In addition, some of the training in the World Languages field translates to credit hours at the bachelor and associate degree level in the area of foreign languages and written and oral communications skills.

Skills and Training
Training in the World Languages field is long and intensive, lasting for more than a year in some cases. Lessons consist of comprehensive foreign language instruction and technical skills training in individualized and group instruction. As part of the World Languages field, you could earn the following Department of Labor certifications:

  • Interpreter
  • Translator

Qualifications for the World Languages field are highly demanding. For those who qualify for this field, placement is excellent. Applicants must pass a top-secret background investigation for admission into this field.

Career Outlook
Individuals with foreign language skills are highly desirable to the Navy and employers in the civilian sector. A second language not only provides you with communication skills and knowledge of different cultures, it also makes you more well-rounded and marketable in your career with the Navy or whatever career you may choose. In addition, the trustworthiness and maturity that are needed for successful clearance of a top-secret investigation is highly desirable to the Navy and civilian employers.

Worldwide. Position will require relocating.

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