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Job ID BK.0700042
Company Name Kaiser Permanente
Job Category Education/Training
Location Bakersfield, CA
Position Type Part-Time, Employee
Experience 1-2 Years Experience
Date Posted February 15, 2007

Education/Licensure/Certification: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience (usually 4 years) in education required; BSN preferred. Qualifications: Previous teaching experience required or previous recent experience in in service education in clinical service area (usually two to five years.) Adult learning knowledge required. Demonstrated ability to utilize interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills and group facilitator/process skills. Computer literacy required. Current California RN license required. Preferred Qualifications: Master’s Degree preferred. CPR instructor preferred. Duties: Develops, coordinates and evaluates programs to meet regulatory requirements and organizational, departmental and discipline specific needs. Designs, develops, and coordinates activities for continuing professional education for staff. Collaborates with consultants to develop special projects in professional education, development and learning. Communicates and markets education programs to a broad target audience using appropriate methods, and based on identified/assessed needs. Participates in classroom instruction on developed projects. Makes recommendations for cost/quality strategies, works within budget; serves as expert resource to staff and departments in defining and meeting educational, clinical, quality and cost outcomes and performance measures. Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates/improves the orientation, cross training and education/competency processes/systems for clinical staff. Responds to corporate and industry changes in clinical practice and professional education and provides necessary training, education and development which improves organizational performance. Ensures compliance and documentation of organizational records based on regulatory agency standards. Consistently supports compliance and the Principles of Responsibility (Kaiser Permanente’s Code of Conduct) by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information, protecting the assets of the organization, acting with ethics and integrity, reporting non compliance, and adhering to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, accreditation and licenser requirements (if applicable), and Kaiser Permanente’s policies and procedures. Notes:


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