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Doctor Alex Antispyware is the best choice!
Marilena Diaconescu, Windows Editor

Day by day, computer owners complain about the spyware that exists anywhere there is an Internet access, collecting personal information about their “virtual” work, or even their private life.

For those who don’t know what a spyware is, there is a slightly ignorance because they don’t have a clue about what it can do to the computers and particularly to the contained data.

First of all, spyware was created for espionage purposes and it comes with a software installation or just when visiting a site, even a single web page. Spyware can also come bundled with shareware programs or other downloadable software, as well as music CDs.

As the spyware threats have become worse in the last few years, a great number of techniques have emerged to stop them. These techniques include programs designed in order to remove or to block spyware, as well as various user practices which reduce the chance of getting spyware on a computer system.

One of these softwares is Doctor Alex Antispyware, a new application made to monitor, detect and remove spyware and adware from PCs. It is very easy to use and its simple interface is created in such way to help you protect your computer against malicious attacks.

All you have to do is to install the program, run it, make some minor settings and start to scan! Everything is so simple and even a beginner has nothing to worry about the good functionality the program has, you just wait a few minutes until the work is done!

Let’s see what Doctor Alex Antispyware can do for your computer. The application menu consists of: Search – the main window that appears when you launch the program and that shows the affected files after a scan is complete, Settings – the menu’s most important page, it allows you to make the changes you want before you proceed with PC scan.

Here you can choose between: LSP (Layered Service Providers) scan, Registry Scan, Cookie Scan, Memory Scan, and the System Folder Scan which is very important because computer’s files are the most vulnerable to spyware.

You can select a full scan or just a particular drive, although it is recommended to make a full disk scan initially. Also, it is necessary for you to have an internet connection that will help you check for the program latest version.

The update function enables you to connect to the producer’s server and download the newest version of the program, which comes with a better and updated database, a smart procedure made to protect your PC against new threats.

Scan button will start the computer search for the adware and spyware. During this procedure, you can stop the searching and fix the problems found by then or you can simply wait until the full scan is performed.

The Undo page will allow you to restore a removed spyware, if a certain program won’t work after you delete the “tool” it needs. You may also finally delete problems found on your computer, if you are sure that you don’t need to use them in any program.

After the work is done, you will be amazed by how many bad things your computer may have in it, but using Doctor Alex Antispyware, you don’t have to worry about spyware anymore.

The Good

The program does its job very well in a very short time and it doesn’t have any particular system requirements, so it is perfect for all kinds of computer configurations. What I like the most is the simplicity usage it has, with all the buttons shown in the main window and the cute coloring of the interface. And I must mention that it is absolutely free!

The Bad

It doesn’t assure real-time protection, which prevents the installation of spyware. Also, it might be a little difficult for beginners to decide which problem can be deleted or not. But it takes just a bit more time until you find out about which one is good and which one is bad for the computer wellness.

The Truth

I was impressed by the program because it has all the basic features like any other applications of its kind and it works very quickly. I consider it reliable, after I tested it many times and I must recognize that almost every time, it brought out something “bad” in my computer.

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