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Plus, more baby daddies for Dannielynn Hope surface
Elena Gorgan, Entertainment News Editor

Anna Nicole Smith has been and probably always be a tragic blonde: she lived her entire life in the spotlight, basking in the attention the media gave her and inviting controversy when she felt that too much time had went by without something being written about her. Although many trashed her when she was still alive, her death granted her immortality and something that she never got while she was still alive: people’s respect.

Friday night, the 39-year-old former ‘Playboy’ model, TrimSpa spokesperson and tabloid character Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her hotel suite at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Hollywood. After her private nurse and her bodyguard tried to resuscitate her for about ten minutes, the glamor girl was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived. She was 39.

Useless to say, Anna’s death is even more controversial that her entire life. Her marrying a man 60 years her senior, the death of her son and the birth of her daughter are all now eclipsed by her untimely passing away, especially as no one knows what are the causes that led to it. A preliminary autopsy revealed that there were no drugs and no alcohol in her stomach, yet the doctors are not ready to rule out an overdose as the main cause of death.

A police search has revealed Anna had many narcotics and painkillers in her suite (all on Howard K. Stern’s name), huge quantities of methadone (the same substance that killed her son Daniel), alcohol and slimming products. Also, she is reported to have suffered from ‘flu like symptoms’ for the last two days of her life. The causes that might have led to her death are many, and many more are the speculations… to sum them up, here are a bunch of theories circulated in the press.

– drug overdose or chocking on her own vomit;
– massive infection stemming from a botched boob job, made only worse by an exaggerated use of painkillers;
– Howard K. Stern killed her, by slowly administering her drugs and keeping her heavily sedated all the time because she knew he wasn’t the father of her baby and wanted to go public with it;
– suicide;

Aside from the conspiracy theory, which singles out Howard K. Stern as the killer, Anna’s death has also led to a bitter battle for the custody of infant Dannielynn Hope. Because the model’s will designated Daniel Smith (now deceased) as the sole heir, it is only natural that the inheritance money (Anna’s personal fortune and what she will get from the suit filed against her old husband’s family – all rising up to a whopping $1.6 billion) will go to Dannielynn. The thought of having the custody of the child (and getting the money) has prompted many men to come clean, admit they had a relationship with her and claim to be the real baby daddies.

In all, and aside from the two alleged father we already knew of (Stern and Larry Birkhead), other three men have stepped forward and asked to be submitted to a DNA testing. Plus, Anna’s mother and sister have also asked for the custody of the baby girl on the grounds that they are the next of kin to the deceased.

Just like Anna’s life, her death is also about the drama. There is a war going on between all the parties involved, bearing the flag of ‘doing what’s right for the child’. But the real motive that drives them all is the $1.6 billion, a sum that isn’t even Anna’s yet. Anyway, it is believed that the toxicology reports will bring more light to this subject. Watch this story developing here.


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