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By: Elena Gorgan, Entertainment News Editor

Ever since the fourth installment of the ‘Die Hard’ series was officially given the green light, there have been lots of speculations surrounding it. Questions like ‘Does Bruce Willis still have what it takes?’, ‘Will this be better than the previous movies?’ and ‘What’s the point to a sequel?’ have constantly surfaced in the media. Aside from all that, the fans were all over this story because, after all, McClane is and always will be one of the greatest movie hero ever created.

We’re speaking of the male fans, of course. Now, it turns out that the ladies, too, will have to go and see the movie and the fact that it promises to be better than the other three ‘Die Hard’ movies has absolutely nothing to do with it. The big novelty (and the reason for which the female niche of the public will probably crowd the theaters) is that Bruce Willis will be stripping of all his clothes for a bunch of nude scenes.

And this is not just a rumor: it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. During a recent interview, Bruce spoke about his weight problems (after all, he is no longer in his prime!) and about the hard physical training he had to undergo in order to look fit for his… err, close-up. ‘I have a few naked scenes so I want to look good. But I am not going to be a size zero.’, the 50-year-old actor told an US newspaper.

So, there’s not only one sex scene but more. Yippe-kai-yay motherf**kers! Anyway, Bruce wanted to stress out that, had it not been for the movie (and because the director asked him to lose a couple of pounds), he wouldn’t have started dieting for nothing in this world. Because, he says, the ladies are attracted to him nonetheless so, if there’s no trouble, why worry for nothing?

In the same interview, the veteran actor also revealed that, now that he’s older (more mature, I think is the perfect term), his sex life is better than any younger man’s. ‘Sex is much better at 50. You are in less of a hurry and know a few more tricks. I’ve got a great sense of humor and it’s still all working, working well.’, he explained, also adding a couple of words on the state of his ‘equipment’ which, as you can see for yourselves, is all in order and working properly.

‘Live Free or Die Hard’ hits theaters in June 2008.


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