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You all know that I am totally feeling Christina Aguilera and her looks. I mean, although me and the rest of the world are all aware that her beauty is artificial to some extent (strike that: to a great extent), she is still considered as one of the most stylish and classy entertainers in Hollywood.

Although her looks are certainly not to be given points for originality (aside from the platinum blonde hair-do, she also borrowed her gestures from Marilyn Monroe), they are to be regarded in the light of today’s hot trends. You see, in a world where the likes of Paris Hilton are considered ‘like, hot’, Christina most often than not comes off as a diva. Plus, she always wears her underwear, so that must mean something…

Ever since she was just a teen star, rivaling Britney Spears in terms of music and image, XTina has had her fair share of media coverage. Now that she’s married to music producer Jordan Bratman and a multi-platinum artist (being a far cry from the mainstream pop music), the once Dirrty singer is now all over the cover of the magazines.

After heating up the pages of ‘GQ’ last year, Christina takes her clothes off again (save a small bikini and a pillow – a woman’s best friend in times like these), this time for ‘Maxim’. What more can we say? She is gorgeous: her (plastic?) boobies look good, her body is in great shape and, most important of all, the airbrushing is not even that obvious. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, mind you…

While we’re also on the subject, we might as well say a few things about her giving up her recent trademark red lipstick. Are we to understand that there would be no more Marilyn-like lips from now on? Nah, no way! Instead, the singer went for a much appropriate Hollywood thing: the blank face. If you look closely at these pics, you will also see (if you can be bothered to look from the neck up) that Christina has the same expression in all four of them.

I mean, is she made of wax or what? Is the blank face the new trendy look? If so, I must get me one of those and forever give up smiling or doing anything that would suppose moving my facial muscles. Enough about this: look at me rambling, when all you want to do is look at the pretty naked lady. Enjoy! And let’s hope that Christina will continue to promote her album by stripping… That is always a good thing…


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