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Aries: This year will be an unpredictable one for most Arians. The unattached will find new love, while those already going around may have to really work hard to sustain their relationship. March and April are important months for the unattached as love comes their way. Those looking for a soulmate will get lucky. Your circle of friends may also undergo a major change.

Taurus: You need to realise the difference between love and lust. This year there are chances of you getting into unconventional relationships that may seem very promising in the moment, but do remember that moments never last a lifetime. Those who are hitched need to be careful. Letting go of your present partner for new temptation would be a mistake, so keep a check on your emotions. No matter what, avoid acting in haste.

Gemini: There’s a good news. The chances of you meeting someone either through work or at work in the coming three months are very strong, with some even getting involved with The Boss! I would not call this last ‘love’, rather it’s just about having fun. Those in love may also be separated from their loved ones for a short while post-June.

Cancer: All right!!!! its time to rock. Love is right there knocking at your door. The lucky ones may tie the knot. Those of you planning to tell your parents about your love will be able to do so, and also convince them to give you their blessing. Some may even find a special sweetheart through the Internet. And despite the physical distance the relationship will grow.

Leo: Planning to get your lover home? Well now’s the time. The route? Via Mommy dearest. The unattached may go through a very stressful time as you may get attracted or even get involved with someone with whom the future looks bleak. Some may end up in a relationship triangle, which makes them feel insecure. Attachments with a married person are also on the cards. However, things will balance out after October and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Virgo: A past relationship may get revived, but only to go away after six months. So it’s advisable not to build up your hopes for a long term future again. Marriage is a strong possibility though you may have to compromise and/or go away to a far off land. Those who are married will find the revival of romance in their present relationship, as their spouse does things that make them happy.

Libra: Some may have a change of heart, with a present relationship breaking up. Hasty decisions will have to be avoided during the months of May/June. It’s best to remember, at this time, that hasty decisions are often regretted later on. The unattached find new friends though it’s advisable to go a bit slow. Only go ahead after you have come to really know this person, as this new person could be very addictive. You may also make a life-time commitment towards the end of the year.

Scorpio: Your time for love is already here. Some may find true love while others may find a true companion. It would be a spiritual connection as Jupiter aspects not only your love life but also others houses that are religious and spiritual. You are ready to tie the knot. The chances of travelling with a loved one increase this year. It could also be that you undertake pilgrimages with a soulmate.

Sagittarius: This year is more about physical pleasure than mental or spiritual bonding. You may get involved with more than one person simultaneously. Travel and pleasure seem go hand in hand. Some of you may even spend a lot of money. But, whatever you do, be sure to keep a check on your health.

Capricorn: Though your love life seems fine this year, some of you may be forced into a commitment in spite of your not wanting it. You may be a bit confused but if the person is Important to you then please go ahead, as after October there are chances of you losing a loved one due to your avoidance of commitment. Tension with your spouse is possible, so weigh your words before speaking.

Aquarius: You need to be patient as you will go through a lot of confusion on the love front. Things may not be as they seem or you may just land up having constant arguments with your lover. Any which way, you will have to balance things to sail through this period on an even keel. Some may experience a tendency to doubt your loved one in the coming seven months.

Pisces: You have a reason to smile. Singles will find their partners, and there’s also a chance of travel with a loved one. For those already in relationships, your lover may be very demanding at the moment. Things may even go a hill haywire in the coming four months but that’s a temporary phase, so curb your irritation. Be still and silent for a while and you’ll be amazed at how much better your relation is.

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