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By Pauline Go

Naming your new baby is fun and exciting experience. Sometime it can also be a headache. So what should name your new baby?

In the older days, people like to name the baby after the grandparent. For example, the entire family may have the same name like Ann or John. Why do one out of three parents name their baby after the grandparents? People probably want to honor the deceased relatives. It is also advisable to realize that the relationships in the family can change over time. If the relationships go wrong, your baby will struck with the name as the constant reminder.

Many people also like to name their child after a celebrity, a movie star, or a beautiful singer. People like to envision a personality for their child. For example, a father may name his child after a famous football player. However, he should keep it mind that his son may not grow up to be athletic at all. It is possible that his child may even hate football. You do not want to give a child a name that they may hate later on.

The famous people may become infamous and unpopular. You may unintentionally create emotion scars to your child. A good classic example is the name Adolp. Before 1930, the name is very popular in Germany. The popularity disappears after Word War II. Many boys have to change their name to Dolph or Dolf.

Finally, you should never allow someone to pressure you to name your baby. It is your baby. You should pick the name with love and caring.

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