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>> Invest a comfortable sum of money >> Enjoy a guaranteed Fixed Return

The SIP is a very simple financial facility. It only requires an investor to invest a certain amount of money for a scheduled fixed return. Payment schedules are very clear and known to all investors.

Here is an example of a SIP:

Principal: Amount that you invested in SIP = USD100,000

Frequency of Payments: Every 30 calendar days

Amount of payment:
10% on first three payments, 15% on next three, 20% on next three, 25% on next three and 30% on last three

Number of Payments: 15

Total Returns: 300% returns in 450 days.

Global Investors need not worry about their Investment Returns because SwissCash gives its investors a Guaranteed Fixed Return. This kind of Financial Facility is different from the conventional Mutual Trust Fund or bank’s Fixed/Time Deposit that offers an average of 3-6% Interest per annum or Unit Trust whereby your fund grows or shrinks in tandem with market force and fluctuation.

SwissCash Financial Facility is definitely the Best in the current investment market with a High Return on Investment and Minimal Downside Risk.

Table showing a Principal Investment of USD100,000 and Re-investment from month 1-12

What is SwissCash, click here


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