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The Broward County Chief of Police and Medical Examiner just finished a press conference on the autopsy of Anna Nicole Smith. You can read the full live blog: Part 1 and Part 2. Here are the key points:

The medical examiner did not find any evidence of foul play in the death of Anna Nicole.

They did not find any intact pills in her stomach. This does not rule out the possibility of an overdose, but the medical examiner notes that it likely does rule out the possibility that she took the “mass quantity” of pills consistent with a suicide. They will not have a complete understanding of what she may have taken until they get the results of the tox screen back.

They have not yet checked for any inhalants or liquids that may have killed Anna Nicole, but they do plan to run those tests.

They confirmed that Anna Nicole had suffered from a stomach flu in the days before her death. They found “a small amount of blood” in Anna’s stomach, which is probably due to the shock her body was in immediately before her death.

They denied the rumors that Howard K. Stern was seen flushing something down the toilet when authorities arrived on the scene. No one will confirm or deny that the pill bottles found on the scene were in Stern’s name.

Authorities expect a final report on the cause of death available in three to five weeks.

No one seems to know where Howard K. Stern is. The question is asked several times and always ignored.

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