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If you’re considering getting a higher education, but think you might want to go to community college first, you may want to consider moving to Virginia.

Two Virginia lawmakers are trying to propose a new grant in their state; a grant that would allow community college students to pay community college tuition and fees once they have transferred to a public four-year institution (as reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education).

Writes Chronicle reporter Josh Keller, “The measure is part of a broader effort to encourage more students to start their college careers at two-year colleges, a shift that lawmakers estimate would help accommodate an expected 20-percent to 25-percent increase in college enrollment in the state over the next six years.”

Not too shabby. Maybe soon after this, a city in Virginia will surpass Boston as the most educated city in America.

Especially since, “Proponents say the legislation could also help attract low-income students to the state’s four-year colleges.”

Here’s to a happy, educated Virginia community [college]!

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