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The latest chapter in the Britney saga has unfolded…

And she ain’t too happy about what she’s hearing.

Brit has denied US allegations that she’s been into porn, threesomes and girls for years.

Yes, you heard right…

A friend of Britney’s estranged husband, Kevin Federline, has spoken out about her supposedly adventurous sex life.

Rapper Omar ‘Iceman’ Sharif told In Touch magazine: “Britney was into threesomes and girls.

“There was tons of porn in the house – but it was mostly Britney’s.

“There were friends of hers who she would invite to her house and they would drink and party.

“They had their hands all over each other.”

But Gina Orr, spokeswoman for Britney’s record label Jive, has denied that Brit ever had lesbian flings.

She said simply: “It’s not true.”

Meanwhile, Issac Cohen has ended his relationship with Brit, according to his agent, who called the split “very amicable.”

She added that there were no hard feelings and predicts that the pair may stay chums:

“They were never getting married. They were having fun together.”

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